Welcome to a cold world

It’s good to shiver at minus 40 – strange things happen in a cold world and this blog talks about the hidden side of our world. Most people want warmth, they want beaches, sun and a warm sea. But for those few people who seek the cold – well this is a look at your world.

We start off with a little physics and look at what happens when water freezes – well we all know it expands but what really changes when it tries to do this under high pressure? Read more here.

We then have a brief look at some of the coldest places on earth.

Before moving on to see how refrigeration is important in the maintenance of fur coats.

There is a ground swell of chatter about the next series of Game of Thrones. We take the idea of “winter is coming” and ask what it would be like if we knew there was an ice age on the way?

In the days before refrigeration there was a market for transported ice and this article looks at the Ice King and how he shipped the lovely pure ice from New England around the world.

Hot summer days in Italy can be lovely but they can also be cloying and a good ice cream or a cold drink always helps.Here we look at the medieval Italian custom of putting snow in your wine.


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