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We all know that fur protects against the cold but when it comes to clothing made from fur, such as fur coats, not many people realise the importance of correct, temperature controlled storage. If the temperature is not controlled in the environment where a fur is stored then microbes already within the fur can have the chance to eat away and potentially destroy all the fur.

fur coat that needed good cold storage

Damaged fur coat from incorrect storage
courtesy of www.furcare.org

According to this article on how to care for fur coats, the best temperature for fur storage is 45 deg F. Then there is the question of humidity – yep, that’s just as important and it should be 50%. Protecting against too much light or heat is also a big consideration if you want to avoid the fur fading.

On reading up on the subject it seems that if you want to store a fur coat properly you should NOT try to store it at home just in a normal closet. Nor should you be tempted to think that air-conditioning in your home will help! Apparently if you want to be sure about the preservation of your fur, you have 2 choices.

Choice 1 – you contact a professional fur storage facility who offer the service to the general public. Ideally get a recommendation from someone you know or alternatively just do a Google search and check out a few of the many companies that offer this service.

Choice 2 – you contact a cold room supplier who can offer you a bespoke solution of a small climate control storage unit of your own. Obviously this is a more expensive option and will depend upon the size of your wallet!