We talk alot about controlling the temperature within an environment. And with this in mind watch the video below. You see it covers the possible extinction of coffee as we know it. Out of some 125 coffee species the main one ( of jusyt two which are used) is a natural hybrid called Arabica which originated in Ethiopia. This hybrid is now grown across the world but there is no genetic diversity ( well maybe just 1%) and this makes it vulnerable to climate change. A difference of just 1 degree celsius in the growing conditions can change the taste of the beans and Kew gardens are modelling the impact of a warming world on our forest plantations.

One other point of fact which amazed me is that some 25 families ( 100 million people) are supported through the coffee supply chain. So next time you are in Starbucks spare a thought for the happy coincidence which created the Ethiopian hybrid and say a short prayer for it’s future.