Where was it that I heard that the first cows didn’t arrive in Japan until the mid 19th century? Now there are over 1.7 million cows in Japan ( ref here) and each cow produces as much income as some 57 acres of rice field. Amazing economics.

But the number of dairy farms is dropping and is now below 1/16th of that in the early 60’s.

So where does all the milk for ice cream come from? Why Australia of course.

Look at this quote

Consolidation of the diary industry is tipped to continue in coming years, with Australia now viewed as an important strategic base for food companies keen to take advantage of soaring demand for dairy products, including milk powder, cheese and infant formula, in Asia.

In China alone, demand for dairy products is set to double by 2020.

From this article.

And maybe we can begin to think of a world where it isnt only water in short supply but milk as well.

Milk wars? Makes a change from the ice cream wars!