I got this list from the Huffington post – who knows if it is right though? I imagine that there have been many colder places but the temperature was just not recorded.

So Allen I guess your cold rooms would actually be quite warm in these places?

1. Fort Vermillion, Alberta. Minus 61C in 1911.

2.Snag in Yukon,Canada. minus 63 in 1947.

3.Prospect Creek Alaska. Minus 62 in 1971.

4.Fort Good Hope, NW territories, Canada. Minus 62 in 1910.

5.Yakutsk in Russia. Minus 64 in 1891. Built on permafrost.

6.North Ice Research Station, Greenland. Minus 66 in 1954.

7.Verkhoyansk, Russia.Minus 67 in 1892. But measured on a spirit thermomemter and not a mercury one.

8.Olymyakon, Russia. In 1933 minus 67.

9.vostok in Antartica. Minus 89 in in 1983.

10.East Antartica. Minus 94 but measured from a satellite!