The cut flower market is massive.But there is then the problem of preserving the flowers between their harvesting and arrival at the market.

Quote from this pdf
The optimum temperature for storage of the majority of fresh cut flowers is 32-38 F, with a relative humidity of 90-95 percent. This temperature/ humidity combination lowers respiration and transpiration of the flower. It also slows growth of fungus and production of ethylene.

As you start to look into the requirements of this sector you get drawn into a specialist world. For instance

You shouldn’t store the flowers with vegetables as the ethylene which is produced can decrease the life of the cut flowers.There are specific procedures to decontaminate a storage unit which has previously been used for fruit and veg. For instance specialist filters can remove the remaining ethylene or failing this a simple bleach solution.

Here is the link to another pdf as well

Cut flower market - storage

Cut flower market – storage

Are we really looking at ministore cold rooms for flowers or more likely refrigerated units or trailers?

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